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Apple’s hypocritical crying of patent-abuse…

February 9, 2012

I enjoyed seeing this blog post about Apple not liking how the patent game is turning out for them. And here’s the comment I left there:

Very well said!

Apple wanted it one way while it was obvious it was to their advantage. Now that Apple has felt some pain (lost battles, bad press, and an injunction or two) and realizes the absolute gargantuan number of companies aligned with Android who are now repositioning to be against Apple which will include an onslaught of new patent infringement litigation from this mass of entities, Apple realizes that regardless of their huge cache of cash, they can be litigated right out of that entire pile of money.

And thanks to Apple’s legal stupidity, they have enabled Microsoft to gain some power such as to become a threat to Apple’s smartphone and tablet markets, too, both through direct Win8 competitors (small) and Microsoft receiving Android royalties (large). And if B&N are able to get Microsoft pushed back into the anti-trust corner again using the Nokia collusion, and in time time lopping of Microsoft’s patent head with the US Feds back in an oversight role, the freed value will enable Android to become that much more powerful an IOS foe.

Apple made a strategic mistake. And now the multi-national megacorporation retaliation genie is out of the bottle. Apple’s just set themselves up to be the “this is what happens when you attempt to be legally aggressive and abusive with patents”. And honestly, from a Karma perspective, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving company.

Job’s unbelievably immature and irrational anti-Android ranting is coming back to haunt his precious Apple. Too bad he’s not here to see and experience the undesirable consequences of his legal temper tantrums.

Isn’t this a very nice example of what goes around comes around?! {smirk}