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The riff stuck in my head and soul…

November 13, 2010


I finally found the full song to the bit that was going through my head over and over again.


Sometime last night, while out on the town and probably while eating dinner, a song played in the background. And a bit of it stuck in my head. And played over and over again. I went to sleep with it circling. I awakened this morning and the song bit reappeared in my head as I was showering. ARGH! I couldn’t get it out of head. And all I had were some notes. No lyrics. And no recall of the group who played and sang it. It was maddening. And I had no way to “search” for it.

Until I remembered that somewhere I had heard you could hum a couple of bars into some iPhone app and it would find songs that might match. After doing some basic things for the morning, I finally had a couple of seconds to hunt down the app. It was called Shazam. And it was useless. Apparently, it wanted to hear the original song. I didn’t have that. And if I did, I would just look the song up by its lyrics on Google. ARGH! I then found another app called SoundHound. It, too, was useless. It kept on finding artists in other countries and songs in other languages. I knew this was a pretty popular rock group with a male lead singer. And that the song itself was relatively popular, and recent (in the last decade). I deleted both free apps and gave up looking for awhile.

And the freakin bit of the tune just kept playing over and over in my head. And I kept whistling it. And I kept asking my girlfriend if she knew it. She recognized the riff. But she, too, was not able to quite put her finger on who or what it might be.

I then got home and googled around for apps on my laptop that would let me hum the riff and try to find a matching song. After a couple of false starts, I landed on midomi. And I then hummed the riff in. After reconfiguring the advanced search to only look for songs in English and in the Rock genre, up the song popped as the 2nd entry (behind Brittany Spears) – Coldplay’s “Talk”. The snippet was the wrong part of the song, but I instantly knew the lead vocal’s voice was an exact voiceprint match to my memory. I then went to YouTube and searched for “coldplay talk lyrics” and played the first entry. And there were the riffs, right there at the very start of the song. I was in heaven.

And I have been playing the song over and over again now for awhile. Kind of obsessed with it. Weird.