EagleEye – PS3 Gaming with PC Keyboard/Mouse (part 3)

So, I finally got to play BFBC2 (BattleField: Bad Company 2) with my EagleEye and a cheap USB keyboard and mouse.

I decided to dive into the single player game just to get my feel of the controls. I died quite a bit in the WWII Japanese scenes. I kept having to adjust the sensitivity of the game so the mouse would feel good. I played for about an hour.

Conclusion: It’s no where near as accurate or effective as playing with a mouse/keyboard on the PC. However, it is many times more effective than playing with the PS3 controller.

I then dove into BFBC2 multi-player. It’s quite a different game on the console. You can tell the skill levels are MUCH lower. And it was trivial to rack up some serious pwnage in just a couple of minutes. I experimented playing around just to get the feel of the game. I played for about an hour and enjoyed the experience over-all. It was certainly not as tight at the PC experience. However, I could actually get into playing the game on the PS3.

Summary: The EagleEye is a winner for me, at least with two hours of play in BFBC2. However, the initial cost of getting it to work was way too high.

In my next post, I will share what my expectations were which ended up being quite a bit too high compared to what Penguin United eventually delivered…


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