EagleEye – PS3 Gaming with PC Keyboard/Mouse (part 2)

Arising early on Saturday morning, I skedaddled out to BestBuy and bought the cheapest USB keyboard I could get. My goal was to test everything before making a commitment. And besides, the keyboard would work or not. There is only so fast I can actually click buttons.

I got back home very excited. I got the EagleEye out and reviewed the small single sheet of instructions provided. They were pretty sparse. I was too excited to care. I got the software (micro-sized) CD into my laptop and then plugged in the naked EagleEye; no keyboard and/or mouse plugged into it yet. I then carefully looked at the BFBC2 manual and slowly mapped the keyboard keys to the appropriate slots in the very rudimentary windows application that popped up. The text of the paper instructions were not clear. The application GUI was clearly designed and written by a hardware oriented person. It sucked. It didn’t follow standard windows GUI API customs. It misused radio-buttons, text boxes, etc. As I tried to make sense of the different bits of unclear English, I started having concerns about how to get things functioning. There’s a note about having to define all the key slots even if you aren’t going to use that particular PS3 button. And all the slots are empty. There isn’t a reasonable set of defaults provided from which one might override (or if there were, it was certainly unclear how to access them).

Thus began the 8 hours of fiddling around with the following loop:

  1. Plug in EagleEye to PC
  2. Run key map application (crap UI)
  3. Remove EagleEye
  4. Attach keyboard/mouse to EagleEye
  5. Attach EagleEye to PS3 (at main screen)
  6. Start BFBC2 (BattleField: Bad Company 2)
  7. Try out the key configuration, which didn’t work quite right (the WASD keys were not working even though they were mapped to left analog joystick)

This quicky got quite laborious. After many loops (+10) and interruptions (have other things to do on a Saturday than dedicate full time to this), I finally figured out the issue. The keyboard arrow keys cannot be assigned without blocking the WASD keys. So, once I changed the left control pad’s four buttons to the keypad (8462), the WASD keys worked. And I was out of time. I was  not able to actually get any play time. It was all burned up getting the EagleEye working. Naturally, I was a bit frustrated. I wouldn’t get another chance to try it out until late Monday evening.

So, thanks to some very crappy software written by a hardware company and some weird anomaly around using the keyboard arrow keys, I finally got the freakin thing working.

And I will share what happened when I got to play both single player and multi-player BFBC2 on Monday night in my next post…


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