EagleEye – PS3 Gaming with PC Keyboard/Mouse

I’m a PC gamer bigot. I admit it. In fact, I am quite proud of it. Well, except for the Wii. It rocks…for holidays with the kids. Otherwise, it dutifully collects my apartment’s dust for me. However, that’s as close to console gaming I have been willing to go in the last 4 years.

I got a PS3 two years ago. I got it for the Blu-Ray player. I wanted it to also be a game machine. However, I tried BioShock. And while the graphics rocked. Gameplay sucked. And it was not because of the content. It was because of the EFFIN controller. Console controllers. They are MADE to ensure competent PC players do NOT play consoles. I’m convinced of it.

Then, at this year’s E3 (2010), I heard about something called the EagleEye. The claims being made were that you could attach a computer mouse and keyboard to this device, plug it into the PS3 and you wouldn’t have to touch the abysmal POS that is the PS3 controller. That got me excited. So, I signed up for Penguin United’s email list and watched both YouTube videos available. I waited with baited breath for mid-July, the time frame they were giving people at E3. Mid-July came and went and nothing came via email. I resorted to scanning the comments on the YouTube videos to glean whatever information my OCD brain could find on a new release date. I posted comments and emailed the company asking (begging) them to send out an email to their distribution resetting expectations. Nothing.

And then Monday, Aug/23rd, I got an email saying they were taking orders. I hopped on their site and had an order squared away in no time. I was to get it on Friday or Monday. I avidly watched my UPS tracking number and must have hit the UPS site several thousand times a day. And on Friday, Aug/27th, the web-site said it was at my apartment’s office. Naturally, I raced out of work, got it from my office and ran to my apartment.

I tore it open and pried it out of it’s multiple layers of packaging. I finally had it in my hand. Whoohoo! However, I now realize it is going to require a PC to “program” the initial configuration. And then I can use it on my PS3. And I had girlfriend activities scheduled for the remainder of the evening. I wouldn’t get a chance to do anything with it until the morning. Plus, I didn’t have a (non-wireless) USB keyboard or mouse. So, I would be trekking out to purchase those before getting to dig in.

I was SO excited, though. I couldn’t wait to obtain BFBC2 (Battlefield: Bad Company 2) and try it out on the PS3. I loved it on the PC. So, it would be the perfect test to see how well the EagleEye performed.

Story continued in next post…


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