Fit Fail – Wardrobe Weight Woes


I’m committed to becoming fully fit (more than healthy) by experimenting with and making substantial changes in my diet and exercise regimen.

Details (story):

I just moved my favorite pair of work khaki slacks to the “Fit Fail” clothes rack in my closet. It’s my kinesthetic/visual way of ensuring I am explicitly conscious of no longer comfortably fitting in my 34s. That I feel the pain of failure as I move them from the daily selection rack to the “you’re too fat to wear these now” rack. And sure, it’s the first of my 34 slacks to go. However, previous “non-slacks” clothing fit fails have lead up to this event; favorite pair of summer shorts, many awesome shirts too tight in the gut, swimming suit, etc.. Over the last year and half, I have put on over a stone (English measurement for 14lbs – sort of sounds better, and worse). UGH! Why? And more importantly, what do I do to rip it back off and return to my best measurements I have achieved yet, 189.5lbs and 18.5% body fat (28 day average)?

There’s lots of reasons (i.e. bad habits) why I gained 15 pounds over the last 18 months:

  1. Let work stresses justify not having to maintain my health/fitness activities
  2. Stopped doing weekly Yoga (reliably every T, Th and S)
  3. Started drinking at least a half gallon of diet caffeinated soda a day
  4. Slowly slipped away from being strict on my low-carb diet (lots of vacations, birthdays and holidays)
  5. Stopped doing many of my daily supplements
  6. Used my mega-dosing on fish oil to justify not having to do other health fitness activities
  7. Stopped working out regularly (very occasionally, sporadically)
  8. Stopped my daily measuring of my body fat, weight, blood pressure, etc.
  9. Refrained from constructing new motivating health/fitness goals
  10. Started making my new romantic relationship a higher priority
  11. etc.

These reasons have cycled in my head in an infinite loop, hindering small bits of action I would sporadically take. Back in April, I committed to refocusing on dropping the excess body fat and weight as soon as I returned from my Mexico vacation and my son had returned home. And now here I am a week into my commitment (my son left Monday night).

I took my body fat and weight measurement on Tuesday morning, Aug/3rd – 23.2% at 211.4lbs. I have not been this heavy in almost 6 years.

I was able to successfully get back on low-carb again (Atkins-like) and remained so all week. I retook my measurements Sunday (yesterday) morning, Aug/8th – 23.6% at 207.2lbs. It was pleasing to see my weight go down, even if it is only mildly correlated to my dietary adjustment (no exercise…yet).

It’s small progress! Just enough to help me feel good about having an explicit goal. “Which is?”, you might ask? 18.0% at 185lbs ASAP.

However, low-carb is not good enough for me. It just has not worked as well this time as it has worked in the past, both when I was strict, and the change in my ability to be strict (having a huge social life make it downright difficult…OMG a birthday celebration of a friend and/or family member happens every week for me). I have tried numerous diet programs; Body for Life, Atkins, NHE and The Zone. I have flirted with but have not committed fully to a number of other diets, the most recent of which would be one called Paleo, or “The Caveman Diet”. Luckily, my best friend (one of 4), Bill, loves experimenting and has been on Paleo for +4 months. However, he also became a consistent CrossFit workout machine at the same time. So, it made it difficult to see if the Paleo choice was really impacting his ability rip off fat while retaining muscle mass. Recently, he made a diet adjustment. He stayed on the Paleo diet food selections. He changed his eating pattern, i.e. when he ate, to something called Intermittent Fasting. And some amazing things began to happen to him in less than two weeks. Fat started dropping off while he kept his muscle mass. His energy levels seemed to go up. He was able to have more diet-fail events (ex: half gallon of ice cream), and see no undesirable impact to either his body fat percentage or his weight. This piqued my interest, to say the least.

So back to me and my goal. I researched this so-called “Intermittent Fasting” notion (simple Google search). And after about an hour of reading through multiple sites (my favorite thus far is, I was very happy with what I saw – people eating ordinary foods (no deprivation, no low-carb, no Paleo, no NOTHING) and losing body fat. They were eating “bad foods” (ex: bread), “terrible foods” (ex: Twinkie), and not having the same negative effects they were having just months before by eating the same foods. “How?”, you ask?!

Simple – it’s not what they ate but WHEN THEY ATE IT!

CE’s Health/Fitness Guideline #1: Focus much more on WHEN I choose to eat and much less (for now) on exactly WHAT I am eating.

Interested in knowing more about this? Well, either Google it for yourself. Or, wait for my next post where I will outline in detail what I am doing and how I am approaching experimenting with “Intermittent Fasting”. And I am still not “exercising” (more on that next post, too).

CE’s Motto: I am and those I care about are being free, happy and successful through better choices in living, loving and learning, today and every day!


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2 Responses to “Fit Fail – Wardrobe Weight Woes”

  1. Bill Strahan Says:

    Awesome! Just remember, some of what you see on Leangains is documentation of his “refeed” or “overfeed” or whatever he calls it. Similar to carb-load meal from NHE.

    Most of the time he’s getting a lot of protein in each meal, and the bulk of his carbs and calories in his post-workout meal.

    Keep us updated!

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